How Yoga and Meditation Practice Can Positively Impact Your Relationship

Could relationships be improved if more couples practiced yoga together? Just last weekend I attended the Yoga Journal Conference in Colorado. At a glance I would guess that 75-85% of attendees were women.

Arguably, when a woman takes the time for self-care and uses her yoga practice as a practice for self-acceptance, it will inevitably improve her intimate relationship. Yoga can certainly be used as a practice for opening our awareness to be able to witness our judgmental minds, and choosing to have a less reactive mind.

Practicing asana is just one small aspect of yoga, and the reason to practice asana is to prepare the body for meditation and practice of the mind.

The purpose of working with the mind is to begin to witness our habitual patterns in order to cultivate choice in how we react, versus knee jerk reactions. It is also a practice of literally sitting in our own company to get comfortable with all of the uncomfortable places and to cultivate forgiveness and acceptance for ourselves.

Loving Ourselves to Love Others

In my personal life, I always intellectually agreed with the statement “We can only love someone else as much as we love ourselves,” but it has only been in the last year that I have been able to feel a level of compassion for myself that has translated into a deeper compassion and love for others.

We can only begin to forgive others for being human, when we accept our own humanness, and accept the fact that we have judgmental and insecure thoughts. None of us are alone in our humanness; we are all flawed and imperfect human beings.

So when we match up with another flawed and imperfect human being, how do we exist together peacefully and find acceptance for both each other and ourselves? According to Global Glue couples, one answer lies in finding a meditation and yoga practice with our partner, or at least for ourselves since we can’t force our partner to partake.

Global Glue Couple Sticking Together

See how these Global Glue couples use yoga to stick together. Each of the below links to chapters are less than a minute, and offer a lot of wisdom.

Donna shares, “Sometimes you don’t need to have words to resolve a conflict… you just have to be connected in the same breath.”

Tommy shares an incredibly insightful lesson about how the practice of yoga can teach us to stay in uncomfortable places in our relationship, “The yogic analogy is holding the pose, you stay there no matter what, even through hardship, that’s when you want to leave the pose, but at all costs don’t run away.”

Amanda shares how yoga helps she and MC Yogi stay together, “Practicing yoga side by side…it gets me back to that ground of connection.

We’ve all heard that couples that play together stay together; I would add that couples that pray and practice together, stay together.


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