Appreciate Each Day, Work Toward Tomorrow, and Take Nothing For Granted

Love songs are rarely about hard work or planning for tomorrow. The idea behind most of them is that you should always live in the moment- this moment of crystal, beautiful love. One of the great examples of that is the 60s anthem “Live for Today” by the Grass Roots. It’s a rousing tribute to the idea that we can’t control tomorrow, and worrying about it is, frankly, for squares. It’s beautiful, and rocks in that 60s folk kind of way, but is also misleading, in the way that all love songs are, and probably should be, because there is little poetry in compromise and learning to accept small annoyances. But equally misleading are relationship advice articles that make you think it is all hard work, and that you shouldn’t live in a moment.

A long-term relationship is about finding that balance between enjoying the small moments with your partner, along with the great joys and losses, of remembering why it is that you choose to spend not just your life, but most of your time with someone, and making sure that you are building toward tomorrow as well. Global Glue couple Eleanor & Dennis, who have been together for 49 years, talk about what that means in this video.

Elanor & Dennis
Eleanor & Dennis

As Eleanor said, “At the beginning, every day we used to say, well, should we be married today?  Every year at least at our anniversary, we always say, ‘Well, should we do this another year? Yeah, let’s try it again…’ It’s not something we take for granted. We have a lot of fun, but it is also hard work.”

And that is sort of the point. You can be so caught up in the work that you fail to see the beauty that is lying next to you, or be so intense in making sure that every moment is an exploding firework that, when the last light sizzles into an skyblack memory, you forget why you are watching in the first place. Taking your relationship for granted at either extreme is the best way to watch it disappear. Live for today, but live for tomorrow as well.


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